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About our Web-site:
In a nutshell, Scott and I are good friends, we live in Ewing, NJ, and have to much time on our hands. We enjoy auto modifications, and the internet. We decided to sit our lazy asses down and bring our vehicle's to you via the wonderful web.
Who Drives What:
Mike likes to drive over big rocks, through mud and think up easier ways to parallel park a Jeep in Philadelphia in his 2001 Solar Yellow Jeep XJ Cherokee

Scott is a horse power junkie who chirps his tires
(that may be a bit of an understatement), breaks lots of parts, and gets off drag-racing his Fire Engine Red 1993 Ford Mustang.
Mike's XJ

Things to tell you about:
This summer of 2003 will prove to be a fun one. With plans to go on some serious off road trips and drag-racing trips all across these United States, it looks like we are never going to get any sleep.
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We need cheaper hobbies:
Thats a true statement. We spend way to much money on these things. We need girlfriends...wait...nevermind, we'd probably spend more money on them.

Scott's Mustang

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